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Bad Credit Car Loan

If you are struggling to obtain a personal finance loan to buy a new or used vehicle for yourself 360 Financial Services’ Second Chance Loan may be just what you are looking for.

It is difficult to secure a loan if you have found yourself in financial difficulty or hardship as well as if you are someone who has chosen to run their own business. Why should you punished for simple mistakes or a lifestyle choice?

The answer is you shouldn’t and 360 Financial Services have your best interests at heart with their Second Chance Loan option. It is available to people who have:

  • Been discharged bankrupt
  • Have credit card defaults
  • Forgotten to pay off a utility bill
  • Have unpaid debts but have made arrangements to pay
  • Been declined by the banks

360 Financial Services have access to over 30 financial lenders who pride themselves on finding an option suitable for every individual. We are experts in sourcing bad credit car loans and we will work hard to secure a loan that meets your budget and circumstances.

The best thing about 360 Financials second chance loans is that we can help you source up to 100% of the purchase price even if you are currently under payment arrangements with outstanding debt or have recently been discharged bankrupt.

The Benefits of a Second Chance Car Loan

Obtaining credit lines with past financial difficulty or with current outstanding debt can be a difficult and disappointing experience. Many financial institutions, especially banks, do not offer second chance finance. 360 Financial is one service that does.

We work closely with financial lenders that specialise in second chance loans or bad credit finance to find you a loan that you can afford. A 360 Financial broker is obligated to secure a loan that gives you the best rates and conditions. They dedicate themselves to negotiating with financial lenders to find you the best deal they can and encourage approval of your loan application.

It is expected that rates for second chance finance will be higher than personal credit lines, but a reputable broker like 360 Financial will work hard to secure a loan to suit you.

Call 360 Financial now on 1300 361 360 or fill in the Quick Quote form to see how they can help you.