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Grand Theft Australia [Infographic]

Car theft is a real and ever-present threat in Australia. Despite national campaigns and organisations working together to crack down on car thieves, Australia still experiences a theft every ten minutes resulting in over 60,000 per year. It is the general Australian public which bears the brunt of this illegal onslaught as $610 million in direct damages creates higher insurance premiums and a greater strain on our justice system.

Find out if your car is on the hit list and which cars are most likely to keep the thieves at bay in our Grand Theft Australia graphic below.

Grand Theft Australia


Unfortunately the number of vehicles stolen has risen by 3000 for the 2011/2012 period compared to the previous year. Despite this rise there are still some cars which are beacons to car thieves whilst others continue to perform as some of the best anti-theft vehicles in Australia.

There are two main reasons why criminals steal a vehicle: for profit and for joyriding. Profit is made by selling off portions of the vehicle as selling the vehicle as a whole is not possible thanks to the embedded security measures such as car alarms and VINs. The most exploited vehicles for profit are Holden Commodores with the VT, VS and VX models hit hardest with a combined 630 vehicles stolen in the 2011/2012 period. Across the states there are trends for vehicle theft for profit with QLD experiencing recent rises of 18% with the worst model Hyundai Excel suffering 280 losses and Victoria seeing a rise of 25 extra vehicles. Sydney-siders have witnessed a small decrease. For car thieves who love to joyride the Hyundai Excel is at the top of their list with 1020 stolen, these cars are closely followed by the Holden Commodore VT and VN with 1379 vehicles being taken across the country.

Car theft is not always the motive as breaking and entering cars can yield potential financial benefits. Ensuring that your car is locked securely is one safety measure widely practised; however, another valuable tip is to pack away any items which may entice a thief. The top items people steal include; money, audio equipment, technology such as smart phones, sunglasses, keys, garage door remotes and work tools.

Engaging safety measures such as anti-theft devices like engine immobilisers and GPS tracking devices, locking your car securely and keeping its interior empty make for greater security. Although if you are interested in a car which continues to measure up for anti-theft scores then a Volkswagen Polo or Golf may tempt you. Perhaps an Audi A4, a Jaguar XF or a BMW 1 series convertible may be what you need. Overall Volkswagen offers a number of the best anti-theft vehicles to buy across size and range.