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5 Faces Improving Personal Finance in Australia

Personal finances can be confusing and the banks don’t always help with confusing offers that seem to make their products look like the best.

Luckily for us consumers Australia has some great comparison and personal finance tip websites that strip away the marketing spin and provide tips to get your finances in shape and compare products side by side to make the right choice.

Here we look at the brains behind five of the top finance comparison and personal finance sites that are helping to improve the personal finances of Australians.

1: Rohan Gamble – mozo.com.au

Rohan Gamble of MozoRohan Gamble first shook up the credit card industry in Australia by heading up Virgin Money when they entered the Australian credit card market with low interest and no annual fee credit cards. Over the past few years Rohan has headed up Mozo.com.au which claims to be the most comprensive finance comparison site in Australia.

What we like:

  • likes to shake up the big banks and Australian finance industry
  • helped bring about increased competition and transparency in the industry
  • heads up Mozo which provides comparison of a huge range of personal finance products combined with great blog and user content.

2: David Boyd – creditcardcompare.com.au

David Boyd of CreditCardCompare

David Boyd with his brother Andy run a network of finance comparison sites including creditcardcompare.com.au. We think this is one of the best looking and easiest to use credit card comparison sites in Australia.

Originally from Ireland, David has embraced Australian life and can be found having a surf at his local beach when he’s not working.

What we like:

  • Creates great content for the CreditCardCompare blog each month. A recent favourite of ours can be found at http://www.creditcardcompare.com.au/icard/ and looks at what a credit card from Apple might be like.
  • Makes comparing credit cards easy with well designed site.



3: Roland Bleyer – creditcardoffers.com.au

Roland Bleyer Cartoon

One of the first on the credit card comparison scene in Australia was Roland with his network of comparison sites including creditcardoffers.com.au which remains one of the most popular credit card comparison sites today.

What we love:

  • Led the way in increasing the popularity of credit card and financial comparison in Australia.
  • Has helped consumers see through the confusing offers that banks offer and compare products side by side to make an informed choice.
  • Provides an editors review with detailed information on each product


4: Fred Schebesta – finder.com.au network

Frank Schebesta Finder Network

Fred not only heads up one of the leading network of finance comparison sites in Australia, he is also a true entrepreneur and inspiration for achieving financial freedom. He started is his first business while still at uni and sold it within a few years for $1.3 million netting himself and his partner a big return on their efforts.

The finder.com.au network including creditcardfinder.com.au have been helping thousands of Australians get a better deal year on year and have now expanded to the US market with the recently launched finder.com site.

  •  Inspirational entrepreneur
  • Leads a team creating great personal finance tips and advice to help cut your debts and get ahead.


5: Melissa Goodwin – frugalandthriving.com.au

Frugal Melissa

Finally we wanted to mention Melissa of frugalandthriving.com.au who runs one of the best money saving idea websites in Australia.

What we like:

  • Provides inspiration and advice to take control of your finances, instead of letting them control you.
  • Proves you can be frugal and thrive
  • Has an emphasis on green living by reducing waste and consumption
  • Expert with budgets (loves a good spreadsheet)!

 Who are your favourite Australian bloggers? Let us know in the comments.

2 Responses to "5 Faces Improving Personal Finance in Australia"

  • Fred Schebesta
    January 21, 2013 - 12:42 pm

    Love the post, although I think its supposed to be Fred Schebesta. Frank Restuccia is my business partner. Love the simpsons style! Ace work 360!

  • Richard Greenwood
    January 22, 2013 - 1:01 am

    Sorry Fred, our bad! Updated it now, glad you like it!