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Leisure Finance

Leisure finance offers people peace of mind in selecting goods for fun lifestyle and holiday options as well as alternative transport. 360 Financial Services know how much it means to you to enjoy leisure activities with your friends and family.

We Have Your Leisure Finance Needs Covered

360 Financial Services work with a variety of financial lenders to suit your needs and situation.
There are three types of loan offered by 360 Financial with their Leisure Finance:

  • Boat/Marine Loans
  • Caravan Loans
  • Motorbike Loans
Boat/Marine Loans

We offer a range of personal boat loans and finance options to meet your financial requirements. A personal boat loan means that the financier will advance the amount of your purchase to you whilst taking security of the boat. Upon full payment the title of the boat is transferred to the customer. Depending on the use of the boat there may be other loan options available to you. Read more about Boat and Marine loans here.

Caravan Loans

There are options to consider with 360 Financial Caravan Loans such as choosing between a secured or unsecured loan. As the debtor you are afforded the pre-determined amount to purchase the caravan of your dreams and once your loan is repaid you are able to take full ownership. There are also options with your caravan loan to select leasing or hire purchase options. Read more about Caravan Loans here.

Motor Bike Loans

360 Financial Services offer a range of personal bike loans and personal bike finance options. You can choose from secured or unsecured loans to suit your current financial situation. There are also further loan choices should you need the motorbike for business related purposes. As well as this we also offer flexible loans should you wish to import a vintage bike or those older than 5 years. Deposits and financing out-of-pocket expenses may also be possible. Read more about Motorbike loans here.

You can choose to apply for or inquire on any loan by either calling 1300 361 360 or by filling out the online Quick Quote form.