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Caravan Loans

There is no need to keep wishing of a way to make your holiday dreams a reality. With 360 Financial Services you can get a caravan of your dreams at a price you can afford. There are many options to help you choose not just the right caravan, but the loan as well with their experienced and friendly financial consultants.

Quick & Easy Caravan Loans

Working with over 30 financial lenders we have the upper hand in delivering a financial option that suits your needs and budget. We have a range of personal caravan loans including secured and unsecured loans. You may also like to discuss with us your insurance needs as well as any refinancing which may be stopping you from getting the caravan you have been longing for.

Benefits of a Caravan Loan

360 Financial Services offers a range of loan options to suit your current situation. There are options for a Finance Lease, Commercial Hire Purchase or even Chattel Mortgage. You decide on the terms that are right for you.

  • Possible inclusion of out-of-pocket expenses such as insurances and warranties may be included in your borrowed amount
  • Flexible contract terms from 2 to 7 years
  • Fixed or variable interest rates available
  • Particular loans may not require a deposit by either cash or trade-in
  • Tax deductions for running costs and depreciation may be possible
  • Balloon repayment may be available which decreases your regular payments

Caravan loan terms explained


A secured loan is fixed against another asset you already own such as your house, shares or another vehicle. It is often the caravan you are purchasing for the current loan that is used to secure the loan. This means there is less risk for the broker and you will enjoy greater flexibility in the rate and conditions with your personal caravan loan.


An unsecured loan is not fixed against an asset, including the caravan for purchase itself. The caravan loan is determined by your personal financial circumstances. You can choose to use cash or savings to obtain a better deal for the loan too. Also, because the loan is not tied to an asset you are free to sell the vehicle for good or to upgrade without impacting on the initial loan.

Length of loan:

This refers to the total time repayments will need to be made against the loan. The timeframe for your repayments will be based on any deposits, cost of vehicle, interest rate and final balloon payment.

Balloon/Final Payment:

A balloon payment is the final payment made in the schedule of your loan. It is usually higher than the weekly or monthly repayments and results in the ownership of the caravan being transferred to you completely. The amount of this payment affects the continual repayments as the larger it is the smaller the monthly repayments will be. But you must keep in mind the need to produce the final balloon payment to gain full ownership of the caravan.