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The dodgy used car dealer is here to stay

If you thought that dodgy car dealers have had their day in the motor vehicle industry then think again. Recent statistics have shown that fraud is alive and well in Australia and it’s costing consumers over $500 million per year. If you do the figures it works out to be an average of approximately $4000 per incident. This is alarming considering the tightening of laws around the motor vehicle industry …Read More

Best iPhone Apps for Aussie Drivers

  Whether you need accurate maps, the latest traffic info or access to your favourite music, the driving experience can be made easier – and much more fun – with the right apps. Here are five iPhone apps that all Aussie drivers should know about. Google Maps You can count on Google Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation with as much certainty as you can rely on the sun’s rising in the morning. …Read More

Why you should look carefully at comparison interest rates

While purchasing a car is an exciting experience, arranging finance can be a real headache. The wide variety of options in the market can make the process overwhelming and comparing different options and features is confusing. Lenders are fantastic at promoting options which make their loans look appealing and affordable, such as low interest loans and fee free loans. However, the different charges and fees hidden away in the paperwork …Read More

Avoiding the Low Interest Finance Trap

We find ourselves constantly bombarded with offers of low interest car finance; on television, in newspaper advertising and through word of mouth recommendations from our colleagues, friends and family. However, consider the age-old saying; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When you sit down and crunch the numbers, low interest car loans often do not add up to be a better deal over time. Here …Read More

Five Reasons to Want a Self Driving Car [Infographic]

Ever wondered what the world would be like if driving decisions, including who controls the steering wheel, were taken out of your hands? Well, the race is on between car manufacturers and a search engine giant to develop the cars of the not-so-distant future – vehicles that can actually drive themselves, leaving you to do much more important things than concentrate on the road during peak hour, or on that …Read More

Electric Cars are So Switched On

There are a battery of reasons for the surge in popularity of electric cars. In the next few years, they’ll be the first choice of the environmentally aware, the energy conscious, and those who find it difficult to keep up with the rapidly rising cost of petrol. Electric vehicles may be a bit price prohibitive at the moment, but they will become more affordable, and with car manufacturers including Nissan, …Read More

Top Ten Hybrid Cars

The issue of renewable fuel sources and environmental damage from the use of fossil fuel engines remains a topical issue amongst politicians and car enthusiasts alike. Fuel sources for motor vehicles is an inescapable conundrum. Cars are essential for transport, independence and productivity but the rising petrol prices are hitting everybody hard. Hybrid cars are emerging becoming more popular as people see the benefit in having joint power sources for …Read More

Grand Theft Australia [Infographic]

Car theft is a real and ever-present threat in Australia. Despite national campaigns and organisations working together to crack down on car thieves, Australia still experiences a theft every ten minutes resulting in over 60,000 per year. It is the general Australian public which bears the brunt of this illegal onslaught as $610 million in direct damages creates higher insurance premiums and a greater strain on our justice system. Find …Read More

Cars Guide Car of the Year 2012

The Cars Guide Car of the Year award has a 16-year history awarding outstanding cars a title that bestows upon them the website’s motto ‘Real cars, on real roads, for real people’. Controversially, the 2012 award was shared between two cars, something that has not ever been done before. The winners were announced after nine judges were involved in a three-day round of judging with more than 600kms of evaluation …Read More

5 Faces Improving Personal Finance in Australia

Personal finances can be confusing and the banks don’t always help with confusing offers that seem to make their products look like the best. Luckily for us consumers Australia has some great comparison and personal finance tip websites that strip away the marketing spin and provide tips to get your finances in shape and compare products side by side to make the right choice. Here we look at the brains …Read More